My Most Used WordPress Plugins

I recently had someone ask me about WordPress plugins and which ones that I use on my websites. Since I have a large portfolio of sites, most of which use the WordPress platform, I end up using the same basic list of plugins on all of my websites.

I try to keep my list of plugins down to a minimum since the more of them that you have installed on your site, the longer your site load time. And we all know that Google hates websites that are a bit slow to load compared to other sites.

So, let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s a look at my favorite plugins for my WordPress websites.


Since websites get a lot of spam comments, having a plugin that auto filters the good from the bad is a must. On sites where I have forgotten this, I have logged into hundreds of spam comments that I had to manually delete – talk about a pain! I use Akismet because it auto filters the spammy comments and then auto deletes them after 30 days. Easy peasy spam comment control here.


I have a love hate relationship with this plugin – it makes my sites load a bit slower, but it offers features that it would take several plugins to get…so I keep using it. For me, I use the contact form, the stats, the related posts and the sharing aspect of this plugin. It works well and it well supported and maintained.

Simple Firewall

Since lots of lazy people like to try to hack into websites instead of ranking their own, you need a good firewall protection plugin for your sites. I like this one because, as the name implies, it is simple and doesn’t have too many complicated options for me to figure out. It does a good job of keeping my sites safe and secure. Plus, it is updated regularly to take on new threats.

WordPress SEO

Since it takes a little SEO savviness to do well in the search engines, I just use this plugin by Yoast do tweak my SEO on all my sites. It has the added benefit of creating site maps for you and making it easy to do your on site SEO without requiring a lot of SEO knowledge in advance.


I like to keep track of website visitors with Statcounter, which means that I use their free plugin. The nice thing about it is that the plugin makes it so that you can view that stats from within the WordPress dashboard or on the Statcounter website – whatever you prefer.

And, that is pretty much it for me. Like I said, I do not like having a lot of plugins on my sites since it bloats them and makes them load a bit on the slow side. You do not have to use any or all of these, but I do highly recommend each of them if they happen to meet your needs.