Professionals Don’t Use Free Web Hosting

I hate when I see that someone is making a real effort at going after their dreams – whether it is to launch a career as a fiction writer, start up a new local business, or something else related – and then they discount all that effort by not having a website on a paid hosting account.

I mean think about it for a minute. If you were an agent at a publishing house and you were looking for new writers to sign, would you prefer or ??

I know what some of you are thinking – who cares! It doesn’t really matter!

Guess what – it DOES matter!

Look at it like this – why should anyone take you seriously if you cannot even be arsed to spend $9 on a domain name and $5 a month on hosting the site? That is less than $100 per year to show that you are a professional who takes yourself seriously.

Honestly, there is really no excuse in this day and age for people to not own their own domain name and have it hosted with a company that is NOT free. Even if you have never made a website and have no clue how to do it – if you can manage to create a free blog on those freebie sites like Blogger and Weebly, then you can easily do your own hosted site. Most hosting companies make the blogging software a one-click install!

The next time that you want an expensive dinner out or a concert ticket, take that money and invest it in your own domain name and hosting. And then spend that time that you saved watching a few videos on how to get your site up. You might not believe it now, but when other people start seeing you taking yourself more seriously, then they will do the same. You might even notice that you’re making more sales or getting more recognition once you do this. Congrats, you are no longer an amateur.

So, here’s your homework – buy that freaking domain name ( is the cheapest and best option for that) and get it set up with a good web hosting company (a good, cheap option is Stablehost and you get a cool 40% discount with code STABLE40DISCOUNT).

You can then just hop onto YouTube to look for instructional videos and be well on your way to have a legit website that says to people that you are a professional.