Home Turntables That Won’t Break The Bank

In a world filled with portable devices and desktop speaker systems there are still people who value the dip, rich sounds that are supplied by vinyl pressings. Whether it’s a collection of classic vinyl albums or new releases from up and coming artists, a home turntable is a great investment for the audiophile.

The challenge is finding a turntable that doesn’t cost the Earth but still delivers exceptional sound quality.

Fortunately new production methods and materials have brought the turntable experience within the reach of most lovers of great music.

Here are some of the best budget beating turntables on the market today.

#1 The Orbit – Basic.

For a price of under $200 this turntable has all the basics just right. It feature a classic belt drive and uni-pivot arm with felt mat for smooth, non skip functioning, as well as a dual speed function. Great value for classic functionality.

#2 Project Essential 2.

This is a fabulous looking turntable with looks that transport the classic square turntable appearance into the 21st century. At around $250 it supplies smooth, rich sound at a great price point.

#3 The NAD C556.

Classic good looks with that well loved transparent box cover this turntable really looks like it’ll deliver – and it does. Three rubber feet provide exceptional stability and a high tech arm both contribute to clear, classic sound delivery for just over $300.

#4 Edwards Audio TT1.

Another classic looking turntable this model features the REGA RB252 arm and a see through platter. Considering that your only going to be paying around $500 it really does represent exceptional value for money.

#5 The Flexson VinylPlay.

This is the ideal budget turntable for those who want smooth sounds throughout the home. In addition to the normal analogue output options audiophiles also get a USB port which allows a vinyl option to multi room sound systems. The components are based on well respected REGA designs which will give any educated turntable enthusiast peace of mind when spending around $425.

#6 The Onkyo CP-1050.

Onkyo is a well respected brand when it comes to delivering a superior listening experience. The CP-1050 is a big, bold offering from this great brand and looks great. It also looks like it could take the knocks and bumps of everyday use. It comes complete with some good quality RCA connectors so you’re ready to go immediately.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get rich, classic vinyl sound – stick to well regarded manufacturers and there are some great bargains to be had.